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Lady Niners team wins 1st place in the River Valley Region at Almaden Country Club
Placed 2nd, in the WNGHA overall championships
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RECENT Announcements & Reminders
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  • Lady Niners Hello Ladies, I called a board meeting this past Wednesday and we met in my backyard. I want you to know we are working to get the club moving, aga... Read more
  • Sunshine Just a reminder that Ron Trimble is going through bladder cancer therapy. For those of you that don't know him very well he is the most amazing person... Read more
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    The objective of this club is to promote good fellowship among its members and to foster the game of golf for women who prefer to play a 9-hole game.

    LOP Lady Niners' regular play day at Lake of the Pines is Tuesday, and General Membership meetings are conducted the second Tuesday of each month in the Meeting Room at the Sports Lounge following play. When the course is closed, the meeting is held at 10 am on the second Tuesday of each month.

    2019 TOC championship
    Toni Boyer
    2nd place 3rd Flight
    Cassi Bassolino
    5th place 1st Flight
    2019 Club Champ
    Cassi Bassolino

    Mona Stolz 2nd Flight Winner

    Toni Boyer, 3rd Flight Winner

    2019 New Members:
    Georgiana Achen
    Kathy Bow
    Joyce Farnham
    Linda Garrido
    Paula Glass
    Jill Groat
    Mary Harrison
    Loretta Jackson
    Dawn Knitter
    Susan LaRosa
    Marcie Lerski
    Joan Madenford
    Sandy Malin
    Kay Nunez
    Nancy Rarick
    Terri Rooney
    Joyce Rose-Reynolds
    Sylvia Shelton
    Cindy Snead
    Cathy Sulinski
    Nancy Tealdi
    Gail Tudor
    Susan Werner

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