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New in 2022...
 ·Maryrose Barnhurst
 ·Marianne Bennett
 ·Linda Blackmarr
 ·Janett Burruel
 ·Louise Chan
 ·Barbara Couture
 ·Claire Dwan
 ·Sandy Ertola
 ·Kim Fredrickson
 ·Mary Ann Gallina
 ·Karis Holman
 ·Lisa Lane
 ·Sherry Lawless
 ·Carol Marting
 ·Denise Mascari
 ·Gina Moll
 ·Nanette Olson
 ·Linda Taylor
 ·Deborah Tyler
 ·Jeannie Ward
 ·Lisa Wess
 ·Mary Yslas


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    The objective of this club is to promote good fellowship among its members and to foster the game of golf for women who prefer to play a 9-hole game.

    LOP Lady Niners' regular play day at Lake of the Pines is Tuesday, and General Membership meetings are conducted the second Tuesday of each month in the Meeting Room at the Sports Lounge following play. When the course is closed, the meeting is held at 10 am on the second Tuesday of each month.

    2021 Club Champ
    leslie silva

    View all club champions

    1st Flight Winner Cassi Bassolino

    2nd Flight Winner Lynn Marshall

    3rd Flight Winner Toni Boyer

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