Lake of the Pines

Lady Niners

Women Golfers United by Kindness, Support & Mutual Respect

LOP Lady Niners Bylaws

Please Note: These Bylaws are currently being revised:  The proposed “revised” bylaws are in the  document above and will be voted upon at our next meeting.


Name of organization shall be Lake of the Pines Women’s Nine Hole Golf Club, a.k.a. LOP Lady Niners.
Objectives of Club are to promote good fellowship among its members and to foster 

the game of golf for women who prefer to play a nine-hole game.

There shall be two (2) classes of membership: 

1. Regular Members
A. All females 18 years of age or older who are either members, associate members, or residents
of LOP in good standing with the LOP Association shall be classified as regular members.
B. Non-LOP Association members are eligible to join as regular members up to a maximum of
25% of total membership. They shall have the same playing privileges as any member but must pay the
daily guest green fees.
C. Members shall be subject to all dues, may participate in club events, vote and hold office in the Club. 

Members are expected to activelysupport and participate in Club activities, fundraising, tournaments, committees and Chair positions.

D. Membership in the LOP Lady Niners is accompanied by benefits of membership in theWomen’s Nine Hole Golf Association (WNHGA) and Northern California Golf Association(NCGA). Individual members may belong to any organized 9- or 18-hole dues paying golf club
or group, however any member(s) holding a dual membership must declare their home club.Only members declaring the LOP Lady Niners as their home club may participate or be awardedthe Club Championship.
E. Requirements for joining: Obtain application in Pro Shop. On the application is a list ofrequirements for joining.
2. Social Members
All members 18 years of age or older who are members or residents of Lake of the Pines andwish to take part in social activities but do not wish to participate in any golfing activity orbelong to any other golfing group. Social members may not hold office on Executive Board.

1. Dues for regular and social membership shall be determined annually. Dues shall run
from January 1st to December 31st. Dues paid by new members after September 30th shall
be credited for following year (LOP Lady Niners dues only). Any change in amount of
dues must be approved by a majority of members present at a General Membership
2. Dues are payable November 1st and become delinquent December 1st. Only paid up
members are eligible to enter tournaments or be listed in Membership Roster.
1. General Membership meetings shall be held after golf on the second Tuesday each month
(or at 10:00 AM if golf is cancelled), or as scheduled.
2. A meeting of Executive Board shall be held prior to each General Membership meeting
or as scheduled.
3. Special meetings may be called at discretion of designated officer.
Executive Board shall consist of Captain, Co-Captain, Secretary and Treasurer (who are elected
by membership) and Weekly Tournament Coordinator, Handicapper, Parliamentarian and
Advisor (who are appointed by Captain).
Captain shall appoint chairs, as needed, to facilitate Club business. Chairs may appoint
committee members, as needed, and shall maintain records to pass to succeeding chairs. Those
chairs not serving on Executive Board may attend Executive Board meetings as required and/or
at discretion of Captain
1. 2.
4. 5.
6. 7.
Nominating Committee shall consist of three members and at least one alternate, with chair
being appointed by Club Captain.
Nominees must have been members in good standing for at least one year and have accepted
nomination prior to being presented to membership at September General Membership meeting.
Nominations may be made from floor, providing such nominees have consented to serve.
Ballots shall be communicated in writing to members.
A majority of votes cast shall be sufficient to elect. Results of election of officers shall be
announced at October General Membership meeting.
Newly elected officers shall be installed in January. Vacancy of Captain during elective year
shall be filled by progression of Co-Captain.
Vacancy of any other elected officer during elective year shall be filled by appointment of
Captain, approved by elected officers, and ratified by members at the next General Membership
1. All proposed amendments to Bylaws of LOP Women’s Nine-Hole Golf Club shall be
posted by Secretary two weeks prior to next General Membership meeting.
2. Amendments to Bylaws may be made by majority vote of members present at a General
Membership meeting, but no less than ten (10) members.
For all matters not covered in Bylaws, Roberts Rules of Order (Revised) shall govern.
These Bylaws have been reviewed, posted and all changes accepted as of December 31,
A. Captain
1. Preside at all Executive Board and General Membership meetings.
2. Appoint Committee chairs and auditor.
3. Serve as liaison to affiliated groups.
4. Be responsible for supervision of all tournaments
and other activities of Club.
5. Appoint committee for granting LOP Lady Niner
Golf Scholarship to deserving high school
student(s) each year.
6. Vote in case of tie.
7. Co-sign all checks exceeding $1,000 issued by
8. Serve as ex-officio member of all committees.
B. Co-Captain
1. Attend all Executive Board and General Membership meetings.
2. Assist Captain in all activities during term of office and assume Captain’s responsibilities
in event of absence.
3. Serve as Membership Chair and manage Kari Armstrong Mentoring Spirit Award
4. Keep a record of all members’ names addresses and telephone numbers.
5. At end of calendar year, compile Club handbook for printing and distribution, and furnish
each member and Association office with new inserts.
Also distribute new roster and calendar portions only to all affiliated groups or people, i.e., Pro
Shop, Women’s Golf Club, and if requested WNHGA.
C. Secretary
1. Record Minutes of all Executive Board and General Membership meetings and distribute
to Captain, Co-captain and Treasurer and others as required and post General Minutes to
2. Process correspondence as required.
3. Notify members by e-mail of club
announcements as requested by Captain.
4. Assign each member without email, both regular
and social, an Email Buddy. The Email Buddy is responsible to telephone their Buddy
and advise them of various club events and activities, and the member without email then
as a contact to call and check on upcoming events.
5. Coordinate with membership Chair to add new members without email to the Email
Buddy List and assign them their Buddy.
D. Treasurer
1. Attend all Executive Board and General Membership meetings, and present Treasurer’s
Report at each meeting.
2. Receive and deposit all monies and maintain accurate record thereof.
3. Prepare annual financial statement for audit.
4. Collect dues and pay bills, as authorized. Contact
Co-Captain promptly of all paid members.
5. Unbudgeted expenditures of over $200 must be approved by majority of members
attending General Membership meeting.
6. Collect and forward fees to Team Play Captain and Area/Open Days Coordinator for
outside tournaments, Open Days and Team Play days in which members wish to
7. Prepare bills for annual dues by October General Membership meeting.
8. Treasurer-elect, together with Treasurer and incoming and outgoing Captains shall
prepare budget to be presented at February General Membership meeting.
E. Weekly Tournament Coordinator(s)
1. Attend all Executive Board and General Membership meetings.
2. Weekly Tournaments (Sweeps):
a) Establish and oversee guidelines for
Tournament Committee.
b) Maintain necessary supplies.
c) New member without handicap can play but will
not be included in Sweeps for the day. 3. Tournament Committee:
a) Determine weekly tournament play.
b) Maintain and verify golf sign-up sheets.
c) Submit participants’ names and tee times to Pro
Shop and Webmaster day prior to day of play. d) Check scoring.
e) Maintain records and score sheets.
f) Post list of winners and provide list to Pro Shop
Credit Manager and Publicity Chair.
g) Post weekly tee assignments and results to
F. Handicapper
1. Attend all Executive Board and General Membership meetings.
2. Check scorecards and ensure that members are adjusting and posting their scores
3. At the beginning of each month, post members’
new handicap indexes and list of most improved
4. Help new members establish an index, determine
handicaps, understand the slope and course ratings system, and learn to adjust their scores
under Equitable Stroke Control (ESC).
5. Inform Weekly Tournament Coordinator of each new player’s eligibility for participation
in tournaments, and furnish any other pertinent information concerning member
6. Input in the GHIN computer new members and /or member deletions on a timely basis, as
well as making other changes such as name, address, e-mail address changes and
transfers to and from other clubs.
7. Monitor and coordinate annual Most Improved Golfer award with Awards Chair.
G. Parliamentarian
1. Attend all Executive Board and General Membership meetings.
2. Give correct and accurate advice on matters of procedures according to Roberts Rules of
Order (Revised).
H. Advisor
1. Attend all Executive Board and General Membership meetings to serve as advisor to the
A. Area/Open Days Coordinator
1. Serve as liaison to WNHGA clubs for Open Days and other clubs for Guest Days and
2. Post all invitations, and coordinate outside registration and transportation to these events.
3. Collect entry fees from Treasurer and send to appropriate club.
B. Awards Chair
1. Check bulletin board weekly for scorecards with chip-ins, birdies and/or break 50’s/60’s.
2. Keep ongoing record of accomplishments in a binder. Present pins as appropriate at
monthly General Membership.
3 Each month the low net winner will be announced for red or gold tees.
4. A low net winner for the year will be announced at the Awards/In-Out Meeting.
5. Purchase awards for the Annual Awards/In-Out Meeting.
6. Coordinate with Handicapper regarding Most Improved Golfer Award.
7. Keep Trophy Case in Sports Lounge current and update plaques as required.
C. Corena Green
1. Solicit possible candidates through golf pro, high school coaches, advertising, etc.
2. Coordinate tournament arrangements with parents. Entry fee is paid by the Lady Niners.

4. Eclectic
1. Post sign-up sheet for March through mid Nov. tournament.
2. Track improvement weekly and update on posted chart monthly.
3. Recognize winners (front and back) at Annual Awards/In-Out meeting.

5. Historian
1. Responsible for photographs and other appropriate items reflecting Club activities.
2. Custodian for all annual Club CD and or pictures to be completed by the In/Out Meeting.

6. Hospitality/Program
1. Responsible for coordination of refreshments for monthly meetings.
2. Responsible for decorations, set-up, clean-up, and arrangements for special events 

(such as Awards/In-Out meeting as directed by Captain).


7. Membership
1. Provide Pro Shop with current Application forms.
2. Process new member applications, i.e., assign sponsor, and distribute checks to Treasurer and scorecards to Handicapper.
3. Responsible for sponsor program, furnishing guidelines to new members and their
4. Follow-up monthly with new members and sponsors until sponsorship is completed.
5. Be sure Checklist for Sponsor and New Member form is signed and returned.
6. Notify Captain, Tournament Coordinator, Telephone Tree Chair, Handicapper, Pro Shop
Credit Manager, and Treasurer of new member
7. Order and furnish name badges as necessary.
8. Keep record of members’ names, addresses,
telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
9. Responsible for managing the Kari Armstrong
mentoring Spirit Award nominations.
H. Pro Shop Credit Manager
1. Post sweeps winnings to Pro Shop Ledger. 2 Post winnings to Pro Shop Ledger for other
tournaments as provided by chairs.
3. Prepare Monthly Credit Report showing
balances, new credits and charges, and amounts to be spent by members by January 31st
of the following year.
4. Reconcile Pro Shop Ledger against Monthly Credit Report balances and resolve
5. At beginning of November send e-mail or postcard to each member informing of balance
that must be spent in Pro Shop by January 31st of the following year.
6. Transfer unspent monies to Treasury annually.
7. Transfer credit balance to or from LOPWGC
when members transfer.
I. Publicity
1. Submit monthly article to LOP (and other local papers when appropriate) covering Club
2. Arrange for newspaper photos for appropriate events.
3. Submit articles and information to WNHGA for publication in Fairway News, including
paperwork for Hole-in-One award.
4. Publicize Club news to members as directed by Captain.
J. Rules
1. Render decisions in accordance with USGA rules and local LOP and LOP Lady Niners
2. Inform members of rules and etiquette of golf as
directed by Captain.
3. Club Pro is member of Committee for all LOP Lady Niners Tournaments.

K. Sunshine
1. Send get-well or similar cards to Club members when appropriate.
2. Send sympathy cards to members or their immediate families.
3. Coordinate, if necessary, any member’s efforts to aid others in need.
4. Coordinate charitable donations as directed by Captain.
L. Team Play Captains
1. Responsible for all phases of team play as outlined by WNHGA.
2. Determine members of team based upon handicaps and qualifying scores.
3 Collect entry fees from Treasurer and send to appropriate club.
4. Arrange with Pro Shop for once-a-week practice sessions at least 6-8 weeks prior to start
of Team Play competition.
5. Hold team play meetings as needed.
6. Organize travel to other clubs for Team Play competitions.
7. Make all arrangements when other clubs compete at LOP.
8. Submit team play news to Publicity Chair and Webmaster.

M. Webmaster
1. Maintain the LOP Lady Niners web page on www.lopladyniners.com.
2. Assist Committee Chairs, as needed, for posting Club News to the website.
3. Assist Committee Chairs, as needed, to announce Tournaments, Invitationals, and Open Days.
4. Assist Captain, as needed, to Post Club News.
Club Championship (TOC), Fall Classic, Eclectic, Sisters, Twilight Tournaments, etc.
1. Follow procedures outlined in Handbook and previous files for appropriate tournament.
2. Responsible for all phases of tournament, including theme and prizes.
3. Stay within budget and use fees collected for tournament expenses and awards.
4. If using Pro Shop credit, give list of tournament
winners to Pro Shop Credit Manager.
5. Keep notes, records and other data for asummary report and accounting of monies to pass on to next chair, with copies to Captain and Treasurer