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Giggles and Golf has been added to our weekly sweeps for members in good standing that currently don't have the ability to play a full 9 hole round.


To compete in regular play-day Sweeps, player must be member in good standing with temporary or permanent index. 

The Tournament Coordinator will post your scores for the weekly Sweeps Games.

Posting Rules Outside of sweeps days:

9 holes: You must record a score for all holes 1-9 to post for handicapping purposes. Enter hole by hole scores instead of a total score.

  • If a hole is closed for maintenance, record a score of Par + Pops.
  • If you start a hole but don’t finish, record net double bogey (par+2+pops) OR your expected score per Rule 3.3 (adding strokes based on how far from the hole you pick up – 0-5 Ft. = add 1 or 2 strokes, 5ft. – 20 yds. = 2 or 3 strokes, 20 yds. and out = 3 or 4 strokes)
  • If you SKIP a playable hole – record net double bogey – Par + 2 + pops.

18-hole rounds – If you play 10 – 18 holes and skip a hole on the front 9 (holes 1-9), record a score of Par + pops for that hole. If you skip a hole from 10 – 18, you may leave it blank, and the computer uses an algorithm to compute the score based on how you played that day.


Sweeps Games Descriptions:

Blind Draw for any game

Tournament Chair will use Golf Genius to Randomly Pair Foursome – See specific game below for Game Description.



Angel Ball Foursome 

Every hole, one player in each foursome is assigned to be the Angel. Count the Angel’s NET score plus the 1 best NET ball of the other 3 players in the foursome for the team score.



Beauty & Beast foursome 

The 1 Best Net Score and 1 Worst NET Score for every hole is used for the team score.

2 Best Ball – Foursome 

2 Best Net Scores of the foursome used for the team score.

Best Ball – Pair

Team score is the total of the ONE best NET score on each hole per pair.

Blind Holes 

Score is based on four holes selected at random by Tournament Chair.  

2 Blind Mice (foursome)

Team score is the total of the 2 best NET scores on all 9 holes, MINUS the 2 best NET scores on the 2 blind holes chosen by the Tournament Chair.



Captain & Crew (foursome)

Players take turns being the Captain each hole, keeping the same rotation throughout.  The Captain’s NET score must be used on every hole plus 1 best NET score from the remaining three players. The Captain may not X out!

ChaChaCha (Foursome)

On the 1st hole, you count the best NET ball of the foursome. On the 2nd hole, you count the best 2. On the 3rd, count the best 3. This process repeats so that you go back to counting the best ball on the 4th hole, and the best two on the 5th hole 



Even – Odd (Foursome)

The team score is a total of 1 best NET on the even # holes and the 2 best NET on the odd # holes.



Flag Tournament 

Players play until their Net Par is reached and then plant your flag at that location.



The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 

Use 3 best net ball scores on par 3’s, 2 best net balls of par 4;s and 1 net ball score on par 5’s 

Group Net – Foursome 

Count every ball of the foursome/team minus the total handicap.



Low Net 

Player Handicap is subtracted from Gross Score 

Low Putts 

Keep regular score and use separate line for putts. Total putts and circle. Keep individual score and adjust.  Only strokes on green are considered putts. X-ing out is not allowed. 



Mean Team – Foursome 

The average (mean) of the four net scores of the team 

Mutt & Jeff 

NET 2 of the Longest Holes Front (8,9) Back (10, 17) and 2 of the Shortest Front (2, 7) Back (13, 15) 



Net & Putt (three or foursome)

The team score is a total of 1 best NET and 1 best Putt on every hole. The best NET and PUTT may NOT be from the same player.



Odd-Even – Foursome 

Player 1&2 Play Odd holes and Players 3&4 Play even holes 



Patriots (foursome)

The team score is the total of the NET scores on each hole as follows: 1 best NET on a BLUE flag, 2 best NET scores on a White Flag, and 3 best NET scores on a RED flag.

Par Points – Individual 

Points are awarded based on Player’s net score. Net Eagle 8 points, Net Birdie 6 Points, Net Par 4 Points, Net Bogie 2 Points, Double Bogie or higher 0 Points 

Par Points – Pairs 

Best Net Score of the Pair – Points are awarded based on Player’s net score. Net Eagle 8 points, Net Birdie 6 Points, Net Par 4 Points, Net Bogie 2 Points, Double Bogie or higher 0 Points 

Putts & Closest to the Pin 

Both Hole Score and Total Putts are Tracked. Record closest to the pin on the greenside sheet.



S & T 

NET Scores on holes starting with S & T. Front 9 holes (2, 3, 6, 7 Back 9 (10, 12, 13, 16, 17) 

Selected Scores 

Player Selects 5 Best Scores 

Spring is here – 5 Best Scores 

Player Selects 5 Best Scores 



T & F 

Scores on holes starting with T & F. Front 9 holes (2, 3, 4, 5) Back 9 (10, 12, 13, 14, 15) 

Throw Away 

Two Worst Scores are removed from Players Total 



Winter is Coming – 4 Best Scores 

Worst 5 holes are removed from Players Total 



1 Low GROSS/2 low NET – Foursome

Team score is 1 low GROSS and 2 low NET scores from different players.

2×2 Scramble 

Each foursome is a team. Players in position 1 & 2 play a scramble and players in position 3 & 4 play a scramble. The scramble scores for both pairs in the foursome are combined for a total team score. Non-Postable Game

3/3/3 – Pair

3 separate games are played in 1 round: Hole 1,2,3 or 10,11,12 – Best Ball, Holes 4,5,6 or 13,14,15 – Alternate shot, Holes 7,8,9 or 16,17,18 – Scramble – Non-Postable Game

4 Woman Scramble – foursome – *If there are only 3 players, each player must have 3 drives.

Everyone drives on each hole. Players choose the best ball and play all balls from that spot. Each player must have at least 2 drives. *All players play from the same tee box. If a team has less than 4 players, then the players can rotate for a fourth shot. Mark the team score on the card. Deduct the team’s AVERAGE handicap (add all handicaps and divide by 4) from the team GROSS score for final NET score.  Scores will NOT be posted.

4 Clubs Only

Each player chooses any 4 clubs to play for the round. Non-Postable Score. No borrowing!