Lake of the Pines

Lady Niners

Dear Lady Niners,

On Tuesday June 6th we host Team Play for the River Valley Division A which consists of 3 teams, Lake of the Pines, Lake Wildwood and Lincoln Hills.  I need volunteers to be markers.  A marker follows a foursome and records all their strokes, penalties and putts making sure there are no discrepancies and that everyone is in agreement.   You are not there to answer rule questions, the player is supposed to know the rules, but you are there to see that they follow the rules.  You’re also there should anyone have an emergency you will be the one with the phone to have contact with myself and/or the pro shop.  I’m happy to go over the marker sheet with you and explain it more thoroughly so that you feel comfortable being a marker.  It really is an easy task and no golf stress!

Please consider taking a few hours out of your day to help out your Lady Niners.  This is a morning event starting with registration at 7:00AM, breakfast at 7:30 and then the players connecting with their markers at 8:00 to then head out to their holes for an 8:30 shotgun start.  Should you choose you can have breakfast and lunch but you will have to pay.  Meals are $26.

Contact Leslie Silva 925-890-8834 or email [email protected]