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New in 2022...
 ·Maryrose Barnhurst
 ·Marianne Bennett
 ·Linda Blackmarr
 ·Janett Burruel
 ·Louise Chan
 ·Barbara Couture
 ·Claire Dwan
 ·Sandy Ertola
 ·Kim Fredrickson
 ·Mary Ann Gallina
 ·Diane Garliepp
 ·Karis Holman
 ·Lisa Lane
 ·Sherry Lawless
 ·Carol Marting
 ·Denise Mascari
 ·Gina Moll
 ·Nanette Olson
 ·Linda Taylor
 ·Deborah Tyler
 ·Jeannie Ward
 ·Lisa Wess
 ·Cathy Wright
 ·Mary Yslas


2022 LOP LADY NINER golf TEAM Check the events calendar for 2018 Team Play Dates
Cathy Sulinski, Captain
Lauren Dummer, Co-Captain
Our Team:
Maryrose Barhurst, Kathy Bow, Maureen Burnett, Tracey Carter, Carla Conyers, Sharon Cowles, Lauren Dummer, Suzanne Estes, Michelle Fisher, Paula Glass, Mary Heaton, Marcie Lerski, Mary Maguire, Denise Mascari, Kim Prock, Beverly Tillman Risso, Leslie Silva, Mona Stolz, Cathy Sulinski, Stephanie Tran, Christine Wentker,

Results are in. Our ladies played well.
July 12, 2022

July 12, 2022 play:

Cold Springs scored 10 points.

Lake of the Pines scored 8 points.

Lake Wildwood scored 7 points.

Lincoln Hills scored 5 points.

Overall Standings:

Cold Springs – 40 points
LOP – 33.5 points

Lake Wildwood – 25.5 points

Lincoln Hills – 20 points

Thank you ladies for a fun year of team play. I appreciate your willingness to get out there and play. Our team played well! Congratulations to all!!!

Cathy and Lauren

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