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01/12/21 Tee Assignments

01/12/21 Sweeps Results

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New Members...
 ·Pamela Archuleta
 ·Stephany Brown
 ·Debi Brubaker
 ·Maureen Burnett
 ·Corey Collier
 ·Shirley Green
 ·Donna Hay
 ·Lee Hicks
 ·Debra Kirk
 ·Janice Lambert
 ·Karen Larson
 ·Elaine Marsh
 ·Darlene Mullins
 ·Jill Pettengill
 ·Bevery Risso
 ·Delores Roberson
 ·Velma Scalzitti
 ·Susan Shiells
 ·Leslie Silva
 ·Stephanie Tran
 ·Christine Wentker


 Tuesday Sweeps Nine-Hole Tournament Rules

To compete in regular play-day Sweeps, player must be member in good standing with temporary or permanent index.

Picking Up
If you pick up on a hole, POST your maximum-per-hole score for your handicap. There is no limit to how many holes you may pick up. However, picking up during a tournament (including Sweeps) may result in disqualification.

Incomplete Round
You can post your golf score if you play at least 7 holes out of nine. For any hole you do not play, POST par plus the handicap strokes (pops) for hole.

Individual Tournaments

Low Putts
Keep regular score, and use separate line for putts. Total putts and circle. Keep individual score, adjust and post. Only strokes on green are considered putts. X-ing out is not allowed.

All other sweeps games are currently under review/revision and will be added here sa soon asavailable.

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