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Sister's/International Women's Golf Day

Sandy Malin has graciously volunteered to help connect 9ers with 18ers for the June 2nd event. I you would like Sandy's help, please call her at 530-268-2751 Sandy is a great resource because she was in the Lady Niners for many years and knows both groups, well. Remember, you need to get your group set up by this coming Tuesday, which is the deadline.

Thank you, Sandy!

Mary Heaton, Captain

Lady Niners
Hello Ladies,

I just met with Pat Shaw and discussed with him about playing golf on June 2nd, which was to be our International Women's Golf Day/Sister's Tournament.

We have had to modify the day, as you can expect. I have reserved 20 tee times, on Tuesday, June 2nd, so that we can ask 2 18ers to golf with 2 Niners. You will create your own 4-some and then call the proshop for an available tee time. They begin at 8am, to approximately 10:30. It will NOT be a shotgun start.

You can begin to make your tee times, today. You have until this Tuesday to reserve your spot, then if not all the tee times have been used, Pat will delete them. So, time is of the essence!

Please wear the color red, for International Women's Golf Day. Also, after we golf, we will have a socially distance chat at Park #7. Please bring your own food and a folding chair if you have one. It won't be what we are used to as far as a normal Sister's Tournament, but these are different times. We will play a regular game of golf, nine holes. I am very grateful our course is open and we can play together and have a nice day!

Mary Heaton, Captain

Lady Niners
Hello Ladies,

I called a board meeting this past Wednesday and we met in my backyard. I want you to know we are working to get the club moving, again. Right now, if you want to golf, you need to call the proshop and make your own tee times. I have seen many of you on your way to golf and it is wonderful to have the course open!

On June 2nd, I am working on getting a block of tee times so that we can semi-celebrate International Women's Golf Day. Please be patient, as we are working out the details.

We will be starting up eclectic, so if you paid the $6, you will be eligible.We are making modifications to the way we will be recording your scores. More information will be forthcoming.

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend, in whatever you do!

Mary Heaton, Captain

Just a reminder that Ron Trimble is going through bladder cancer therapy. For those of you that don't know him very well he is the most amazing person you will meet. He has been in every organization in lop has been in charge of everything he volunteers for everything. So if you have the time send him A-line. He is Janet trembles husband.

Babs Hallocks husband Philip passed away. I am sure that she would love to hear from you. I am going to send her a card from the niners.

Barbara's address is Elderly Love, 5639 Bridgecross drive Sacramento, CA 95835. Phone 1 408 655. 8208 the contact person for her there is Elsie Liberato

Club Shirts

Cassi found our club shirts, very cheap, $21.99, which is a fantastic price! It will probably be the only way to get our club shirts, as they are from last year's catalog. The link is below. Thank you, Cassi!

Stay well, Mary Heaton, Captain

Letter of Support

The golf committee is meeting with the LOP board of directors this Wenesday. The golf committee has a list of recommendations to present to the board, on improvements for the golf course.

Can you please send a letter to the board, saying you support these recommendations? The four gold clubs were part of the creation of these recommendations. Cathy Sulinski and I were at the meeting, along with Lauren Dummer and Allison Chop.

Seen your emails to: bod@lop.org

Thank you for the support,

Mary Heaton, Captain

Golf Course Recommendations

I realized that you would want to see the recommendations that the four golf clubs are submitting to the board of directors. They are in the attached file.

Also, our handicapper, Terry Rooney, also attended several golf committee meetings and has already sent an eloquent letter to the board of directors in support of the changes.

Please send a letter of support, we need all the people we can get, so that the board complies with our needs.

Thank you, again,

Mary Heaton, Captain

Thank you, from Theresa Shaw
Attached is a thank you letter from Theresa Shaw.

Mary Heaton, Captain

Free set Free of Golf Clubs

Barbara Hallock is offering her 2 sets of golf clubs, for free. She is no longer playing golf. I would like to thank Barbara for her generosity.

If you are interested in either set, please contact, Sandy Malin at 530-268-2673.

I have seen some of you ladies heading to the golf course over the last several days. It is great to be golfing, again! I look forward to the time when we will be able to meet, maybe in a month or two. Meanwhile, enjoy the game of golf at our beautiful course!

Stay well, Mary Heaton, Captain

Message from Pat.Shaw to play golf in the Evening s
Dear Ladies,

Pat Shaw is requesting that we play on the course in the evenings from 6-7:30pm, even if it is just to play a few holes. He is finding that walkers are on the course before sunset. You still have to call the proshop and let them know how many holes you are playing, but he want us to show a strong golfer presence, on the LOP Golf Course.

I played 18 holes, today, with my husband and Camilla and Greg Bastian, it was a gorgeous day and the course is in great shape. I hope you have made tee times and are enjoying the course, yourselves.

Regarding meetings, we cannot gather at this time, so the May meeting is cancelled. As we move forward, we will see what unfolds. I am ecstatic that the golf course open. Let's be grateful for that right now.

Stay well, Mary Heaton, Captain

Bebe Brigante Haut is doing well. Both ankle casts are off. She is being very careful though when she walks. No golf for a while.

LOP Golf Course Opens this Thursday!
Dear Lady Niners,

I am ecstatic because the LOP Golf Course will be open, this Thursday!

At 9am, tomorrow, you may call the proshop for a tee time. All tee times and payment will be done over the phone. You cannot rent carts, but you may use your gas carts or ones without registration, but you must pay the $13. No sharing of carts unless you live with that person.

The course will be marshalled 8 times a day for now, to make sure walkers abide by the before 9am and after sunset rule.

The clubs do not have designated days at this time. There are no sweeps. These are baby steps in the right direction.

Ladies, there will be no congregating, 6 feet social distance apllies.I urge you the most explicit warning that we MUST abide by the rules because there are those people who will be watching our every move. So, I am pleading, please follow the rules. I know you are as excited as I am. Let's move forward--Play Golf, Ladies and have fun!

Joyfully, your captain, Mary Heaton


The golf course is opening, Wednesday! This quarantining has messed with my brain, sorry.

With embarrassment, Mary Heaton

Request from Pat Shaw/Team Play

Pat Shaw sent a request to the WGC and they forwarded it to me. Please read the attachment.

Suzie Estes and Cathy Sulinski called me today to let me know that the Lady Niners have pulled out of WNGHA Team Play, due to Lake Wildwood, Lincoln Hills and Yolo Flyers, dropping out, too. It continues to be a challenging golf year.

Mary Heaton, Captain

Response from Sean Bothelio
Lady Niners,

This response is from our interim, general manager, Sean Bothelio, regarding our golf course.

Mary Heaton, Captain

Golf Course Update
Ladies, please read this letter from Cahty Sulinski. She was part of the Zoom Golf Committee meeting, yesterday.

Mary Heaton, Captain

Golf Course Update

I am very, very, sad to say that the county will not be reopening our course at this time. Please read the attachment of the letter from the county.

Sadly, Mary Heaton, Captain

Response from Nevada County

I really hope I got it right this time.


Update on Mary Heaton. She's doing better emotionally since her cousin passed away . The good news is that her cousin's wife is out of the hospital.. It is just a shame that because of the Corona virus she can't go back there to be with her family. On another note Diane Fosters husband Brian fell through his back deck . He is black and blue and has a very sore neck. Luckily he didn't end up in the hospital. I am sure Diane would love to hear from you. Also Janet Trimble's husband Ron has bladder cancer. Keep him in your prayers he is a great person.

Thank you
Dear Lady Niners,

I want to thank Bebe for the beautiful condolence card. If you didn't already know, my cousin, Tommy, passed away last Friday, of Covid-19. He lived in New Jersey. His wife, Barbara, also had the virus, but I have wonderful news, she is being release from the hospital, today! Their only child, TJ, is bringing her home to a recently disinfected house. I really appreciated all the positive thoughts and prayers. I am very grateful.

I hope you are all healthy and keeping busy with whatever you like to do at home. This virus is no joke. Please be very careful out there. I do not want to hear of any of you getting this sneaky virus.

On a golf note, my husband Duane, who is the vice president of the Men's Golf Club, is trying very hard to get golf back into LOP, as well as many Lady Niners and WGC members. We just received an email that they have reinstated golf in Placer County. Let's cross our fingers and forge ahead, Ladies!

Your Faithful, Captain, Mary Heaton

Attorney Opinion on Golf Closure
Please click on the link to open the Attorney Opinion on Golf Closure document.

Course maintenance update and Pro Pat's Positive Passage
Please click on the link to download the latest letter from Pat Shaw

Hello Lady Niner!
Hello Ladies,

I sure miss seeing all of you! I hope you are all staying healthy. I miss golfing, too. I walk around the lake everyday, to compensate.

I wanted to give you an update on our activities, or lack there of. First of all, our April meeting has been cancelled. Our golf course will definitely be closed until April 30th and after that, it is a wait and see decision.

I spoke with our board members and Kay Knowlden and we are cancelling the Spring Twilight, which was going to be on May 5th. There is no way we can pull that off with the sheltering in place rule until May 3rd, as per Governor Newsom.

As far as the Sister's/International Women's Golf Day, on June 2nd, we will have to wait and see.

WNGHA still wants us to go forward with team play, but again, that is a wait and see decision, as per the California guidelines of the govenor. Lincoln Hills rescheduled their team play for June 10th.

I will keep you updated, so no need to worry about any golf activities, for now. Please take care of yourselves.

On a personal note, my nephew Kyle, age 26, who lives in Florida, had Covid-19 and was asymptomatic. He was tested because he attended wedding where someone had the virus. He is fully recovered. He was a carrier. My cousin, Tommy, from NJ, age 73, was taken to the hospital, yesterday. He is not doing well. He is on oxygen and had a bad night. He in not on a ventilator, yet. I would appreciate your positive energy and prayers be sent his way, please. If any of you out there have loved ones who have this terrible virus, let Bebe know and we can all pray for them. Thank you, so much.

Stay Well, Mary Heaton, You Faithfull Captain

Letter from our Pro, Pat Shaw
Dear Lady Niners, I'm including a link to the letter that Pat Shaw has written to all golf club members. Sincerely, Mary Heaton Club Captain

Hello Ladies,

I hope all of you are staying well!

I thought I would give you a golf update. There have been a few modifications to our golf course to keep it safe for us, so that we can keep it open. The golf committee wanted to focus on the fewest touch points as possible.

You must use your own cart. They are making an exemption for street carts, so that you can ride it on the course, but you must pay $13 to the proshop.

The cups have been inverted so that you do not have to reach into the cup. You aim for the inverted cup and if you hit it, you "holed" your ball.

You have to call the proshop to make a tee time and pay. The proshop is closed.

The golf hours have been altered to allow more walkers. The hours are: 10am-6pm.

The ball washers are covered and you may not use them.

The weather is supposed to be nice next week, so I hope to see some of you out on the golf course, from a safe distance!

Please stay healthy,

Mary Heaton, Captain

Edna's Markham is having botox shots to get rid of her sinus headaches. Poor thing. Hope she gets some relief.

Loretta Jackson is still having heart problems. She wants to thank all the lady niners for there wonderful cards. She would prefer no visitors due to the Corona virus

Joyce Hopkinson

Joyce Hopkinson's email address has been hacked. Please disregard any emails asking to purchase gift cards, etc.

Thank you, Mary Heaton, Captain

Bebe Haut
Hello Ladies,

Mary M. let me know that Bebe is safe at home, here at LOP. She did not have surgery, do to Covid-19. Feel free to send her a card or leave her a message. Bebe will continue to be our Sunshine lady.

Also, the powers that be have decided there will be no sweeps for at least a month. The golf course will be open, but only tee times are available and no shot gun starts. So, if you want to golf, you must call the proshop for a tee time. None of the four golf clubs will have a set day. It will be every golfer for themselves.

Please stay safe out there. I want to see all of your beautiful faces in a month or so!

Mary Heaton, Lady Niner Captain

Sweeps/WNGHA Events
Dear Lady Niners,

I was waiting to confer with my board regarding on how to move forward, in these difficult times, before I emailed all of you.

First of all, I want you all to be safe. Please take all precautions necessary to stay healthy. I want all of us to come out from this unscathed.

To begin, sweeps are cancelled for tomorrow. After that, they will be determined, on a week to week basis. There will be a different protocol on how we run them. I will keep you informed.

First of all, we want you ladies to ride in your carts alone and keep a safe social distance. We will not congregate before or after golf. We may change how to hand in the cards and we will instruct you accordingly.

I have been informed that ALL WNGHA events have been cancelled through, mid-April. This includes open days, meetings and invatationals.

The April Lady Niner meeting is cancelled. I will email you important information. At this point, the May meeting will be the next time we gather, depending on whether it is safe to do so.

Take good care of yourselves, Ladies,

Mary Heaton, captain

General Meeting

Just a friendly reminder that our General Meeting is tomorrow, directly AFTER golf. It will start around 12:15pm, in the Sport Lounge meeting room.

See you then!

Mary Heaton

Kathy Rowe is doing well with her shoulder surgery but she needs to have neck surgery on April 20th.

Sorry. I meant Kathy Bow. Typo

Sandy malan contacted me to tell me that Barbara and Phil Hallock are settling in and would appreciate cards and phone calls. With barbs eyesight so poor a phone call might be better her cell number is 5309063789 she is staying at a place called Elderly love the address is 5639 Bridgecross drive Sacramento CA 95835 their phone number is 14086558208 and the contact person's name is Elsie Liberato

Pro Shop Gift Cards
The following members have outstanding gift cards to claim from 2019. Please show up at the meeting on Tuesday to collect. First Quarter winnings for 2020 will be ready on the first meeting in April. Couture, Duggan, Dummer, Hearity, Jackson, Jenkins, Laird, Lane, S, LaRosa, Markham, Mennick, Miller, S, Miller, T, O'Reilly, Rooney, Shelton, Sulinski, Tozer, Werner

Rules and Markers Seminar

If you are interested in attending the Rules and Markers seminar, in Cold Springs, on March 23rd, the deadline for sign ups is noon, March 9th.

Please place your checks in the Lady Niner box in the proshop, for $9.25, checks made out to Cold Springs 9ers.

If you have any questions email or call, Mona Stolz: rickmostolz@gmail.com 916-397-7425

Bebe just got a third opinion about her left leg. I like this doctor. He said surgery was not necessary. Coming home in about 10 days.

Bebe just went to the doctor's and the good news is that she can put weight on her right foot but the lleft foot needs surgery. Not sure what to do.

Eclectic Tournament
Do the best you can do! It is time to begin the Eclectic Tournament, from March 3-November 10. Cost: $6.00

Deposit money in the 9ers box, in the proshop

Sign up sheet is located on the bulletin board, in the library

Don't forget to write down the color of the tees you want to play

Remember to hand in 2 score cards when you play sweeps

Do the best you can do and I will keep track and post it monthly. Questions? Call me, Trish 530-278-3036

Bebe is still in utah. I should be home in a week or 2. Thank you all for reaching out to me

I am sorry to report that a stupid skier ran into me and broke both my ankles. Twisted my left knee.whiplash. and a sore back. This is bebe. I guess I will have to send myself an email card.

Babs doesn't drive so she would appreciate it if anyone could drive her into Auburn so she can see her husband. It would be about a 1 to 2 hour turn around trip.

Kathy bow had shoulder surgery on valentine's day. She is home resting now. She is looking forward to golfing again soon. Her phone number is 916 652 9111. I am sure she would love to hear from you. Also. Babs Hallocks husband fell and as a result he is in the hospital recovering. He will be going into rehab to get better. Babs eye site is poor so I am sure that she would love a call too. Her phone number is 530 268 0297. I am sure that both girls would love to be in your prayers. Sincerely Bebe

Kathy Bow would prefer emails or cards and not phone calls

Invitational: Valley Hi, Elk Grove -"Kentucky Derby
It's the Kentucky Derby...the longest running sporting event in US history and its coming to Elk Grove! Okay, a golf version that is!

Here's your opportunity to wear your crown of glory hat while sipping on a Mint Julep! Only 62 miles from LOP! See flyer!

Registration: $70 (includes breakfast, lunch, cart & prizes) After April 10th: $75

Sign-up sheet will be posted in Sports Lounge. Place your check payable to Valley Hi County Club (VHCC) in ProShop Lady 9er Box.

Bring your betting spirit and wagering funds - it'll be a fun race!

Cassi wants all the lady niners to know how much she appreciates all your support.

Invitational: Rancho Murieta - Putts, Pearls & Polka Dots

Rancho Murieta Country Club will be hosting "Putts, Pearls & Polka Dots" as an Invitational Day, April 23, 2020.

Rancho Murieta has two beautiful 18-hole courses and playing on North Course from women's tees you have a 72 or 73 PAR. It is 46 miles from LOP.

Stay tuned for more info! Information will also be posted in the Sports Lounge!

Kimberly Lane onelanekim@gmail.com 530-713-5384

Updated on Loretta Jackson. She got home last night at 7.20 from the hospital. She had 2 surgeries in 24 hours. Had to be intubated. Loretta said that it was the most awful experience of her life. She was then on oxygen. She is very tired. I am praying for a speedy recovery. Keep her in your prayers.

Loretta Jackson requests no phone calls and no visitors for at least 1 week.

Golf Clubs

Margie Turner's golf clubs have found a new home with Edna Markem. I think Margie would be pleased.

Mary Heaton

Free set of Golf Clubs

Sandy Malin called me to let me know that there is a free set of golf clubs available to give away. They were our dear, Margie Turner's, who passed away several months ago.

If anyone is interested please call me. First come, first served. I believe they are graphite, but not a top brand. That is all the information I have about the clubs.

Mary Heaton

General Meeting

I am sending out a reminder that our general meeting is this coming Tuesday, February 11th, at 8:30am, in the Sports Lounge Meeting Room. Yes, the meeting is BEFORE SWEEPS :-)

We will be voting on the new budget, Mona will be handing out new handbooks, Terri will be discussing the new handicap system and Cathy will be talking about the golf committee recommendations.

I hope to see many of you there!

Mary Heaton

Sarah o,Reilly would like you to know that there will be a service for her husband on February 13th at 1100 am at st Teresa's catholic church. There will be a reception following in the clubhouse at lop

Cassi bassolino is having major colon surgery Friday. She will be in the hospital for 4 to 6 days. Please keep her in your prayers.

Loretta Jackson is having hiatal hernia surgery . .keep her in your prayers. Sunshine girl bebe

WNHGA Open Day 2020
Hello Lady 9ers!

I’m excited to share with you that I will be your 2020 Open Day and Invitational chairperson and I am very much looking forward to encouraging all of you to participate!

What are Open Days? This is a chance to play golf at other club courses with NO GREEN FEES; you only pay for meals, sweeps and carts! Attendance can be limited (so register early), and the game is individual low net. Prizes are awarded in several flights for overall low net and low gross.

Who is eligible to play? If you are a WNHGA member and have a provisional (five-round) handicap – you are good to go! Its that easy.

Here is a list of the upcoming Open Days – so mark your calendar and let’s show our LOP spirit abound -- all dates are on our calendar as well.

April 30 (Thursday) Cameron Park CC May 28 (Thursday) Crow Canyon CC June 18 (Thursday) Round Hill CC, Alamo July 23 (Thursday) Alta Sierra CC September 1 (Tuesday) Sequoia Woods CC (Back to Back) September 2 (Wednesday) Twain Harte GC (Back to Back)

Additional information will be sent out to you in advance and as soon as it is received by the host club. Your participation is optional however it is a fun way to get together with other clubs and enjoy the comradery.

Invitationals? Another fun way to promote fun competition and provide bonding experiences for women of all levels. No dates have been announced yet. As information becomes available I will share the details.

You will be hearing more from me via email or at our Lady 9ers meeting. You can also check the bulletin board in the Sports Lounge for additional details as we move closer.

So, join the fun, grab your lady friends and “may the course be with you.”

You can email me at onelanekim@gmail.com or (530) 713-5384.

Kimberly Lane

Sarah O'Reilly would like to thank all of you lady niners for your cards. Ed's Celebration of Life will be at 11 am on Feb. the 13th at St Teresa of Avila Church 11600 Atwood Rd in Auburn followed by a reception at lake of the Pines Clubhouse 11665 Lakeshore N Auburn. Sincerely Sunshine girl Bebe

Terri Rooney--Lady Niner's New Handicapper

Terri Rooney is the new, 2020 handicapper for our club. Weeks ago, she began to investigate the World Handicap System, of the USGA.

She is working through the new system and challenging the USGA, to change the cap of 54. There are many of us that desire to play the game of golf and use our true handicaps. We must be patient and trust Terri to do her best to sort out the issues.

Let us all show her appreciation, by going the extra mile to get us up to speed, on the World Handicap System.

Thank you, Terri!

Mary Heaton

I am using cards and e-mail cards from ( Jacquie Lawson) for sunshine notices. Hope you like them. Miss Sunshine Bebe Brigante Haut

Terri Rooney is taking care of her father who has stage 4 cancer. Keep him in your prayers.

In and Out Breakfast

Just a reminder that the In and Out Breakfast will be held at the Sport Lounge. Please arrive at 8:00am.

If the weather is good, we will be golfing at 10:00am.

See you in the morning,

Mary Heaton

In and Out Breakfast

Tuesday, January 14th, at 8am, is our annual "In and Out Breakfast." It is our January meeting where the old executive board passes the baton to the new board. Also, awards will be given out.

The breakfast is only $5 per person, the rest is paid by the club. The deadline is at noon, tomorrow. Please sign up on the board in the entry way to the sports lounge.

Place your check in the Lady Niner box, in the proshop. Make it out to LOP Lady Niners.

Sweeps will begin at 10am, directly after the breakfast. I hope to see you all there.

Mary Heaton

Message from Mona
GOOD NEWS!  The new World Handicapping System is up and running!!  I was able to open my GHIN app this morning.  It does ask you for your GHIN # and last name and then it automatically opened up new USGA GHIN app.   If you don't know your GHIN#, it is posted in Lady Niner bulletin board in library of Sports Lounge or you can text me (or call me) at 916-397-7425 and I will tell you what it is.  It has your handicap index and you MAY be able to post your golf scores starting from January 1.  I noticed some glitches which could be caused by every golfer worldwide trying to login and check it out!!!

Please be patient and we will all get through this.

I will be at the Sports Lounge starting at 12:45 tomorrow (after Tuesday sweeps) and will be holding a hand-on training on popping cards, posting scores (we can try posting your Tuesday scores together, etc.)



2020 Handicap Rule - Maximum Hole Score for Handicap Purposes
The USGA has prepared a short video to help golfers understand the 2020 World Handicap System change for maximum hole score.

The link below will take you to our Rules & Procedures page to view the video and download the PDF document that explains the change.

The November Pro Shop Gift Card Ledger is linked below. Please download and keep for your records. I apologize for not having these cards ready for you at the last December meeting but as you know, this system is still quite new and I'm working out all the bugs. If you want your card(s) before our January meeting you are welcome to contact me for pick up.

Starting in January I will be issuing cards on a quarterly basis. Each member will receive an envelop containing their gift card(s) and will be asked to initial a copy of the ledger to show they have been paid.

If you have any questions, please contact me via text or email. 310-722-0878 cassijoyb@gmail.com

Because we have a short month of sweeps, the December Pro Shop Gift Card Ledger is linked below. Please download and keep for your records.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to limited number of gift cards available at the Pro Shop, I will be combining the November and December winnings onto one card. Please refer to the November ledger and the December ledger to verify what you are due to be paid.

I will have these cards available before the end of this week and if you want to collect them before our January meeting please contact me. Cassi 310-722-0878 cassijoyb@gmail.com

Missing Coat

Suzie Estes's coat is missing. It is a Liz Claiborne, size small, and black on black. There was a coat left at the clubhouse, similar in style, but not hers. If you have a black coat, can you please make sure it is not Suzie's? Thank you for checking.

Also, thank you all for making the holiday luncheon a great success! Many thanks to Carla Holtzclaw and the many volunteers who gave their time and hard work for Women of Worth. I believe $3000 was made. Great job, ladies!

Mary Heaton


Carla just called me with an update on the amount of money made for Women of Worth, at our holiday luncheon: $5000!

Fantastic job, ladies. I am so proud of LOP lady golfers!

Mary Heaton

General Meeting, December 10th, at 8:30

The general meeting is at 8:30am, tomorrow. Please bring your Kari Armstrong, nomination forms to turn in to the nomination committee.

Sweeps will be at 10am. See you bright and early!

Mary Heaton

Kari Armstrong Award
Hello Ladies.Niners,

It is the time of year to reflect and think about which one of the Lady Niners deserves the Kari Armstrong Award. This award is given to a member who has gone above and beyond in mentoring other women in our organization.

Please go to the Lady Niner website and in the left-hand column, under resources, is listed the Kari Armstrong Award. Click on it and ithere is an explanation of what the qualifications which are required of the recipient.

There is a nomination form to download and print. Please do this and bring your filled out form to our next meeting, on December 10th, at 8:30. If you cannot attend the meeting, please put the nomination form in the Lady Niner box, in the proshop.I hope to see you at the meeting.

Thank you, Mary

Our nominating committee will review the forms. The winner of the reward will be revealed at the In and Out Breakfast,.on January 14, 2020.

Renewal Applications and Dues, Deadline

Tomorrow, Monday, November 25th, is the deadline to turn in your renewal applications and dues of $71. Please make the checks payable to the LOP Lady 9ers.

Mona and I will be working on the WNGHA Roster and Lady Niner handbook. It is imperative that we have your information, so that we can do our jobs.

Thank you, Mary Heaton

December Get Acquainted Mixer.
It's an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER Get acquainted mixer! Click on link to view the flyer.

Sisters Holiday Luncheon - Teaser #2

WGC and Lady 9er Thanksgiving Golf
Click on link to view the flyer!

Sisters Holiday Luncheon
1. Sign-up for the luncheon in the Sports Lounge Foyer 2. Make your $22 check payable to LOP Lady Niners and deposit in Niners’ box in the Pro Shop 3. Contact Suzi Estes with donations for the Marketplace ~ 209.351.0569 4. All proceeds from the Marketplace benefit Women of Worth

bebe haut will be sunshine girl

Renewal Applications for 2020

If you have brought in your renewal applications for 2020, thank you! If you have not, please do so by November 25th. We need them earlier this year because WNGHA needs our 2020 club roster as soon as possible. The fee for 2020, is $71. Make your checks out to the LOP Lady Niners.

We would also appreciate you turning in your volunteer forms as well. Please put them in the 9er box in the proshop.

Thank you for your promptness, Mary Heaton

Pro Shop Gift Cards
I thought you might like to use your Pro Shop Gift Cards during the holiday season, so I'm sending this message for the members who have unclaimed Gift Cards.

Some of these cards were from balances carried forward during the transition from the credit system to the gift card system. If your name is listed below, you may contact me for pickup or wait until the December 10th meeting to collect them.

Lu Anderson, Carla Conyers, Barbara Couture, Joan Denzler, Jeanne Duggan, Christina Fahlstrom, Sara Hearity, Loretta Jackson, Lois Laird, Edna Markham, Lynn Marshall, Kay Nunez, Terri Rooney, Sylvia Shelton, Cindy Snead, Susan , Gail Tudor, Susan Werner


WGC Thanksgiving Game Flyer
Please click the link to view the flyer.

Reminder, Golf starts at 9:30am, tomorrow

Here are some reminders for tomorrow:

1. Golf starts at 9:30

2. General meeting is immediately after sweeps, at 12:15pm

3. Please bring your renewal applications. We need them in by November 25th, (earlier than we thought). The renewal fee is $71. Make the check out to LOP Lady Niners.There will be forms at the meeting in case you do not have one.

4. Please.bring in your volunteer forms. We still need volunteers for: *Handicapper *Tournament table coordinator *Spring Twilight *Sister's Tournament *Hospitalty *Proshop ledger *Golf Commitee Liason

See you all, tomorrow,

Mary Heaton

Lady Niner Support at LOP Board Meeting Nov. 13th
Attention Lady Niners I need your support!!!

I have been told there will be a few LOP Board Agenda items presented at this month’s LOP Board meeting which will directly impact our golf course and ultimately our golf clubs.

1. 2020 Golf Revenue Recommendations 2. Sale of 17 Golf Carts 3. Walking the Cart Path Program 4. Replacement of Rough Mower

I am hoping that you find the time and concern to be present at the “Open Session” of the LOP Board Meeting on Wednesday November 13th. I am told the items listed above will be brought forth between 2:30pm and 3:30pm.

Ron Wolyn, the Golf Committee Chair and other Committee Members including myself will attend as well. Pat Shaw will also be present on behalf of LOP Golf and the Pro Shop. We need to show the Board that we care and want the Board to take appropriate actions to the benefit, not the detriment, of our golf course.

See you there!

Cathy Sulinski, Golf Committee Member & Lady Niner

October 2019 Pro Shop Gift Card Ledger
The October 2019 Pro Shop Gift Card Ledger is available for viewing. Please click on the link below to view and download. Pro Shop gift cards from the October sweeps will be distributed at the next Lady Niner meeting.

Update on Sisters Tournament
See attached for updates on the Sister's Tournament highlighted in yellow.

Ballots, Club Renewal Forms and Volunteer Forms
Click to download the PDF for Ballots, Club Renewal Forms and Volunteer Forms

Sister's tournament

I received an email that the 18ers are looking for at least 5 more 9ers to pair up with 5, 18ers.

The Sister's tournament is October 16th, at 9am. The sign up board is located in front of the proshop.

If you have been on the fence whether or not to play, come on out and join us. It will be a great day! We will be playing 13 holes and it will be a fun game.

Mary Heaton

Ballots/Club Tenewal Forms/Volunteer Forms

I want to remind you of a few things:

1. Tomorrow, Sweeps begin at 9am.

2. Please call the proshop the Tuesday mornings to check on frost delays or cart path only conditions.

3. Please remember to call the proshop AND the other members of your golf group to let them know if you are canceling, ASAP.

4. Return your ballots before October 8th. Please put them in the large Lady 9er ballot box, not the small Lady 9ers box. Ask the golf attendant if you aren't sure.

5. Please put your renewal forms and volunteer forms in the regular small, Lady 9er box.

6. The next general meeting is October 8th, after Sweeps, at approximately12:15.

Thank you, Mary Heaton

Christmas Luncheon date change

The 9er board has changed the Christmas Luncheon to Friday, December 13th. We changed it because the SIR's Christmas party and the Men's 9er party were conflicting with our luncheon.

Please add it to your calendar.

Thank you, Mary Heaton

The September 2019 Pro Shop Gift Card Ledger is available for viewing. Please click on the link below to download.

Pro Shop gift cards from the August PLUS September sweeps will be distributed at the next Lady Niner meeting.

Rochelle Calderone

Mary M sent a message out this evening, that Rochelle Calderone, passed away, yesterday. I am very sad. Rochelle was a wonderful lady. I will miss her a lot. I am sure many of you ladies will feel the same way.

Sadly, Mary Heaton

The August 2019 Pro Shop Ledger is ready for viewing. Click on the link below to view. Remember: We are not using the Pro Shop Credit System anymore. Balances on this August ledger will be paid in the form of Gift Cards and distributed at the next club meeting.

TOC Championships

I would like to announce that our three representatives from LOP Lady Niners: Toni Boyer, Cassi Bassolino and Mona Stolz, did very well at the TOC Championships, at Castlewood Country Club, today. Toni placed 2nd, in the third flight, Cassi placed 5th place, in the first flight and Mona was in a tie breaker for 5th place, in the second flight, but did not win the tie. I am extremely proud of these ladies and I am sure you are, too!

Mary Heaton

Sister's Tournament Details
The sign-up sheet for the Sister's Tournament is available now. Click on the link to download the flyer from the website.

Important Membership Documents for 2020
We have arrived at that time of year when we seek to elect new officers, renew membership and solicit volunteers for various club committees and chairs for 2020. I sincerely hope that every member will participate by casting their vote and returning the attached renewal and volunteer forms as requested.

Meeting and Club Photo

Brian Foster is coming at 8:30am, to take our club photo. Please be here promptly. Wear your club shirts or white, purple, orange or navy, which are our club colors.

Thank you, Mary Heaton

General Meeting/Club Photo

I would like to remind you of our general meeting at 8:30am, this coming Tuesday, September 10th. It will be held in the Sport Lounge meeting room.

Please wear your club shirt if you have one. If you don't have one, please wear something in our club colors, which are: white, purple, orange or navy blue. We are going to take a club photo.

The Sister's Tournament will be on, October 16th. The 18ers will be posting a flyer this week. They will begin to invite Lady Niner's, soon.

I hope to you all on Tuesday, Mary Heaton

Eclectic Tournament Update
The Eclectic Tournament Sheet has been updated. Use the link below to view and download from our Eclectic page on the website.

Celebration of Life for Diane Thompson
There will be a celebration of life for Diane Thompson, on Sunday, September 29th, from 2-6pm. It will be held at the Lions Hall, at 22490 Hacienda Rd. Diane worked in the proshop for many years and was known by many people at LOP.

Alta Sierra Field Trip

I have reserved 6 tee times at Alta Sierra for our golf field trip, on September 10th. The first tee time is 12:02pm. The other tee times are 10 minutes apart, until the last one at 12:42pm. I am taking the first tee time and then putting you in your groups. I will let you know your tee times, next Sunday.

The cost is $30 per lady and includes a cart and 9 holes of golf. If you have not signed up yet and you want to go, please do so, ASAP. The sign ups are on the 9ers clip board, in the LOP pro shop. Saturday, August 31st, is the deadline.

Mary Heaton

Team Play Championships
Lady Niners,

I am very pleased to announce that the LOP Lady Niners team won 1st place, in the River Valley Region, at Almaden Country Club, this past Thursday. We not only won our region, but we also placed 2nd, in the WNGHA overall championships! Thank you to Suzie Estes, our team captain and Cathy Sulinski, our co-captain for taking us there. The team members who played in the championship were: Lauren Dummer, Cassi Bassolino, in 1st flight; Carla Conyer, Mona Stolz, in 2nd flight and Toni Boyer and myself, in 3rd flight. Suzie Estes played in the captain's flight. The weather was beautiful and the course was wide and the fairways smooth. A great job by ALL the team members who helped get us there: Sandy Malin, Terri Rooney, Mary Maguire, Rochelle Calderone, Sharon Cowles, Kim Lane and Terry Roberts. Thank you, ladies!

Mary Heaton

This Sunday the 25th is the deadline for spending your sweeps winnings until after the transition to our new system is completed. I expect that will be the end of September. Any balance left in your account after August 25th will be issued to you later as a pro shop gift card. Below is a link to the July Pro Shop Ledger file - please check to see if you have a balance.

2019 Lady Niner Pro Shop Ledger
Good News! We are changing how our club handles payment of sweeps winnings. As of August 31, 2019 we will no longer be utilizing the “credit ledger” system that connects to LOP accounting and tracks all earnings and purchases. Starting in September, we will transition to a Gift Card system whereby your previous months’ winnings will be issued to you in the form of pre-paid money card. These cards will be available for pickup at the next month’s Lady Niner meeting. For example, your total winnings for September will be put onto a money card and held for you for pick up at the October club meeting.

As your Pro Shop Ledger Manager, I will continue to record all winnings onto a spreadsheet and post that to the website at the end of each month so that you can keep track of your own sweeps earnings. In order to implement this transition, YOU MUST STOP SPENDING OF YOUR CURRENT CREDIT BALANCES BY AUGUST 25, 2019!

Any balance left in your account after August 25th will be issued to you later as a pro shop gift card.

Once this new system is in place we will explore the option of issuing Food and Beverage Gift Certificates.

Please contact Cassi if you have any questions or concerns. Click on the link to access the July 2019 Pro Shop Credit Ledger.

Bag Tag Rules with 2019 Extras
Follow the below link to download the Bag Tag Rules sheets with the latest rule changes. For future reference, these will be forever available on the rules page of our website.

Corena Green
Dear Lady Niners,

I want to personally thank all of you for volunteering for Corena Green. It was a successful tournament because of all your help and from the help of the Lady 18ers, Men's 18ers, Men's 9ers, Firebelle's, friends and neighbors. What an exciting day!

Lauren, you wished upon and par and looked what happened, your wish came true! You pushed for the last several years to host Corena Green and it finally came into fruition. It was your belief in us as a club that convinced the WNHGA directors to consider LOP as a host course. Lauren, you worked tirelessly and we are all in awe of you!

The decorations were beautiful and the food was tasty. I have never seen so many golf carts transferring people back and forth. It truly took a village to pull this tournament off. Ladies, you are amazing!

It was wonderful to witness these young women play the game of golf. I got to personally speak with a few of these girls and they shared with me that it was the most fun tournament they had ever experienced and that everyone was so nice.

So, thank you again, Ladies. You all helped to make it a special day for these promising young golfers!

Gratefully yours,

Mary Heaton, Captain


It appears that someone hacked my email. If you get a request to send a gift card to the Veterans Association, please do not do it! They know my name and that I am the captain of the Lady Niners! Mary Heaton

June 2019 Lady Niner Pro Shop Credit Report
The June 2019 Lady Niner Pro Shop Credit Report is ready and is posted to the website for your viewing until the July ledger is posted. I just received the pro shop ledger statement from accounting yesterday which explains why this is so late.


Fall Twilight Update
Lady Niners,

I tried to get the date changed for the Fall Twilight, but each date I tried, the clubhouse and the sport lounge were in use. So, I know there are some of you who won't like the Fall Twilight and the Sister's Tournament, back to back, but my hands were tied.

The Fall Twilight will be on the original date of October 15th. Let's make the best of it Ladies!

Mary Heaton

TOC Survey Reminder
If you have not completed the survey regarding the team championship (TOC), please do. We would like to get input from everyone, even if you have not recently played in the TOC. It only takes a few minutes to complete. The link to the survey is posted below for your conventience. Thank you, Toni Boyer

LOP Lady Niners Club Championship (TOC) Survey
The 2019 Lady Niner Tournament of Champions (TOC) was completed in June with 14 players registered. We would like to see more participation in our future championships. Please complete our survey to help us determine how to increase the attendance. Your input will help us plan next year’s TOC.

Please the link below to access the survey.

TOC Survey Link Correction
The previous link may cause problems on some systems. Please use the following link instead.

Congratulations to our new Club Champion, Cassi Bassolino! The other flight winners are: Second Flight - 1st place Mona Stolz, 2nd place Mary Maguire, 3rd place Christina Fahlstrom. Third Flight - 1st place Toni Boyer, 2nd place Kim Lane, 3rd place Mary Heaton, 4th place Sharon Cowles Our Club Champion and first place flight winners will advance to the WNHGA playoff in September. Thank you to all who participated. Final results are attached.

TOC Day Three
Tee time for our final day Friday will be 8:00 a.m. We are playing the back 9 red tees. Scorecards and hole assignments will be available for you to pick-up in the pro shop by 9:00 a.m. Thursday. After play, turn your completed scorecards in at the Clubhouse. The awards lunch will follow at 11:30. Good luck ladies!

Thank you, Toni Boyer

Due to unforeseen circumstances we will be playing the full course tomorrow with tee times beginning at 7:00 a.m. Flight 1 and 2 players will tee off at 7:00 and 7:10. Flight 3 players will tee off at 7:20 and 7:30. You may pick up your scorecards and enjoy snacks beginning at 6:45. Water and snacks will also be available after hole 9.


We are a 9-hole club and so we are going to play 9 holes tomorrow, Wednesday morning.

Please arrive at 7:30 am to register and pick up your score cards. Tee times begin at 8:00 am.

The President of WNGHA is reviewing the situation from today and will get back to me later tonight. We may be playing Thursday afternooon - TBA. Alternatively, she may approve keeping today's scores but if not, then we need to make up today's tournament on Thursday afternoon.

Mary Heaton LOP Lady Niners Captain

TOC! details for tomorrow...
Be at the Pro Shop at 8:00 am for registration and to pick up your score cards and tee assignments. If you have not paid yet, bring your check for $28.

Hello Ladies, Be sure to sign up for the TOC taking place Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday next week. The deadline to sign up is this Friday, June 21st. I encourage everyone who is eligible to participate. You have until the day before, Monday June 24th, to get your five 9-hole games completed for this year (need 20 in the last 24 months). Sign up for lunch in the Clubhouse Friday if you are not eligible or cannot play all three games. The flyer and sign-up sheet is on the 9-ers board. Hope you will join us! Toni Boyer

MAY 2019 Lady Niner Pro Shop Credit Report
Hello everyone! The MAY 2019 Lady Niner Pro Shop Credit Report is finally ready and is posted to the website for your viewing until the June ledger is posted. The reason these are posting so late into the following month is because the accountant at LOP Admin is still undergoing training and sometimes she does not get to our ledger documents for 2-3 weeks. Hopefully this will get shorter. Thank you for your patience and understanding, Cassi

Team Play
Lady Niners,

I am very proud to tell you that our Lady Niner Team won 1st place, in our team play season. The scores are as follows: Lake of the Pines: 62.5 Cameron Park: 47.5 Lincoln Hills: 47 Rancho Murieta: 36 Yolo Flyers: 32

We play at Almaden Country Club, on August 22nd, for the River Region Championships.

Thank you, Suzie Estes and Cathy Sulinski for all their hard work and anyone who helped out by being markers, moving golf clubs or anything else that helped our team.

Mary Heaton

Update on Lady Niner Website
Thank you to all the members (50 of 86) who took the time to complete the Lady Niner website survey. It was very helpful to learn that the website is of value to our membership and that it is accessed regularly for information ranging from tee assignments to pro shop credits.

I noticed that login credentials were missing from some newer members and I apologize for that inconvenience. That has been fixed and your login username is now your first initial last name (no spaces all lower case) and your temporary password is password. Please log in and change your password and update your profile. If you forget your password you can have it emailed to you from the login page.

Please contact me at cassijoyb@gmail.com if you have any problems. Cassi LOP Lady Niner Webmaster

General Meeting

The general meeting will be held this Tuesday, after sweeps, at 12pm in the sports lounge meeting room. Janice Lambert will be conducting the meeting.

Mary Heaton

Club Championship (TOC)
Time to sign up for the Lady 9'ers Club Championship (TOC) to be held June 25, 26, & 28. If you can't play in the tournament, you can still join us for lunch on Friday June 28th. Sign up sheet is on the 9'ers board. See attached for more info!

Lady Niner Website Survey
Hello Lady Niners! I have created a brief survey to collect your thoughts on the Lady Niner Website. Please take a moment, at your convenience, to complete the survey which will assist in our assessment of the overall practicality and functionality of the website. The survey link will be sent to you in a separate email so please watch for that. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, Cassi Bassolino Lady Niner Developer/Webmaster

Golf Swap Meet

There is a golf swap meet, today, from 8am to 12pm, in the clubhouse parking lot. It is being hosted by the men's golf club.

You can purchase items or bring golf equipment to sell. I hope to see you down there!

Mary Heaton

Team Play

I want to congratulate the Lady Niner team for winning first place at Rancho Murieta, yesterday. We won all three flights, with 15 points! We are in first place, overall!

Great job, Lady Niner's team!

Mary Heaton, captain

WGC & Lady 9’ers Women’s Golf Day
LOPWGC & LOP Lady 9’ers Tuesday June 4th, 2019 Click on link to download flyer

REVISED April Lady Niner Pro Shop Ledger
The previous version of the APRIL Lady Niner Pro Shop Ledger Report was missing a week of sweeps earnings from February. This has been revised and is ready to download.

Click on the link to view and download from the website. This document will be available on the Lady Niner website until the MAY ledger is posted so if you don't download it now, and need to check your credit later, just go to the website announcement page and open up the ledger for viewing.

This is a late posting for the LOP Lady NIner Pro Shop Ledger. April will be available soon - awaiting documents from LOP Accounting.

Lady Niner Meeting

I hope to see all of you at the Lady Niner General Meeting, tomorrow, at 11:30!

Mary Heaton

Jotfit cut away Embroidery club shirt

Mary Maguire found our Joyfit embroidery club shirt on Amazon at a very good price! The sleeveless and short sleeve shirts are $49, plus tax and shipping and handling.

Please take advantage of this great deal if you are interested in purchasing a club shirt! There is also a jacket for $59 and skirt for $79. Thank you. Mary!

Mary Heaton

from Janet Trimble:
Your humble Tuesday Tournament Coordinator made a mistake with the winnings from the April 23rd sweeps, so a revised copy will be on the website. Sorry for any inconvenience, and now we know that nobody's perfect!

Spring Twilight--"Tee Time Through the Tulips"

A few reminders regarding the Spring Twilight: registration is at 2:30pm, where you will get your cards and tee assignments.

Mulligans can be purchased at the registration table. Two Mulligans, per person, maximum. They cannot be used on the greens.

A briefing of rules at 2:45pm and then, head to your assigned hole, with a shotgun at 3pm.

Once you finishing playing nine holes, head to the CLUBHOUSE, where you will turn in your scorecards in the entry way.

While you are waiting for the other golfers to come in, maybe purchase a drink. Once all the teams have returned, the Uke of the Pines, ukulele group will entertain before dinner is served.

Lauren, Mona and I have worked hard to plan this tournament. We hope you enjoy yourselves!

See you, tomorrow afternoon! Mary Heaton

Spring Twilight--"Tee Time Through the Tulips"

I forgot to mention, again, that this is a 3 CLUB, scramble! Please, only bring 3 clubs with you to the tournament. You can only use YOUR clubs. Do not bring your big bag of clubs. Use a buddy bag.

Thank you, Mary

Spring Twilight

There are a few reminders regarding the Spring Twilight. The first is, remember to bring only three clubs to the tournament.

Also, if you do not have an annual golf course membership, you need to pay the green fees before you register for the tournament.

Let's have a great time out there, Tuesday!

Mary Heaton

Problem with email sending
You may have noticed a delay in receiving reminders and announcements. The issue is being worked on. Thank you for your patience. Cassi

from Janet Trimble
In case you haven't noticed, it's wet out there. So if anyone chooses to play tomorrow, you're on your own, there will be no sweeps. Let's hope for some sunny and dry weather for next Tuesday, April 23rd.

Spring Twilight

Trish Miller signed up for the Spring Twilight and would like to be in a womens only group. Are there any of you who would like to join her? If you want to be in a ladies only group, head on down to the sports lounge and sign up with Trish!


Spring Twilight

I wanted to remind you to sign up for the Spring Twilight Tournament, it will be held on April 30th, registration at 2:30. It is $25, per person and includes dinner and entertainment. There will be a ladies flight, as well as a mixed flight. Please sign up on the board in the sports lounge ASAP!

We had a wonderful time as Auburn Valley on our field trip. Thank you to the ladies who joined me!

I received an email from the WNHGA president, notifying us that WNHGA is going to adopt the out of bounds/lost ball, with a two stroke penalty rule for all open days and TOC.

I hope to see all of you at the Spring Twilght!

Mary Heaton

Attention Lady Niners
from Janet Trimble: Due to the uncertainty of the weather, we are postponing our Spring Mixer scheduled for tomorrow, March 26, until further notice. Sweeps are cancelled. For those who choose to play, make your own tee time.

Spring Twilight--"Tee Time Through the Tulips"
Hello Lady Niners,

Please sign up for our Spring Twilight Tournament, "Tee Time Through the Tulips, posted in the Sports Lounge.

Save the date: April 30th, 2:30 registration. It will be a fun 3-club scramble. The cost is $25, per person, if you have a golf membership (green fees apply, if you do not.). So pick a partner and come join the fun!

Prizes, entertainment and a crazy game of golf!

Mary Heaton, Mona Stolz and Lauren Dummer, co-chairs

Auburn Valley Golf Fieldtrip

So far, there are 15 adventurous women signed up for the Auburn Valley Fieldtrip, on April 9th, shotgun start at 8:30. I want more of you to join us!

You have until noon tomorrow, to let me know. Please email me and say you will join us! The manager needs the commitment by Friday afternoon.

Thank you!

Mary Heaton

Lady Niners Golf Field Trip to Auburn Valley GC
Lady Niners,

Yesterday, at the general meeting, I informed the ladies that we will NOT have a general meeting in the month of April. The reason being is the golf course will be closed for maintainance, on April 9th, the meeting day. It was my idea to still golf and have some fun doing it at another local course.

I called around and the best deal I could find was at Auburn Valley. We can get 9 holes of golf and a cart for $25, per person. It would be a shotgun start and 8:30, playing the front 9 holes. Since it will be a shotgun, we can then meet in their cafe and have lunch together. Of course, that would be optional.

Ladies, in order to make this fun day happen, I need an immediate response from you. If you would like to participate in this event, please email me and let me know ASAP, I have to get back to the manager, John. My email address is: missmary007@gmail.com

I think this would be a great day and I hope you will join me!

Mary Heaton, Captain

General Meeting, March 12, 2019
Ladies, Sweeps will be at 9:30, March 12th and there will be a general meeting following, at 12:30, in the Sport Lounge meeting room. I hope to see you all there!

Mary Heaton, captain

Lady Niner Member Webpage
The Lady Niner website has a private member section for members to log in and view information that is not available on the public pages. All members have a username and password. Your username is your first initial last name (lowercase, no spaces). Your default password when you signed up was password - you must log on to the member site and click on the My Profile button and change your password to something else. If you ever forget your password, you can go to the login page and click on the link and have your password sent to you in an email. I hope that you all take advantage of the features of this website.

ATTENTION LADY NINERS - Invitationals have begun

RANCHO MURRIETTA - "Playing the Platinum's" April 18th (note playing new platinum tees)

Cost: $70.00 Checks payable to: RM Niners (submit to Kathy Bills please) Deadline: Sunday March 31st

See attached file for details

January 2019 Pro Shop Ledger Report
The January 2019 Pro Shop Ledger Report is ready for your review. Please click on the link to review. For questions contact Cassi Bassolino

Sweeps are canceled for tomorrow, Februdary 5th, due to inclement weather.

CLARIFICATION on Last Email Notice
Hi All, The last email notice was to make sure that all members have CASSI'S new email address. Your can keep YOUR contact information updated by logging on to the Lady Niner website, select the "Member Login" button and signing in. After you are logged in, click on the "My Profile" button to update your personal information as well as your password. I hope that helps with the confusion!

December 2018 Pro Shop Ledger Report
The December 2018 Pro Shop Ledger Report is ready for your review. Please click on the link to review. Any questions, contact Cassi Bassolino

New Email Address for Cassi Bassolino
Hi all, As you know, Cassi created, maintains and updates the Lady Niner website. She also is the Pro Shop Credit Ledger Manager and the person that posts Tee Assignments and Sweeps Results.

Therefore is it critical that everyone update their contact information for Cassi.

Her NEW email address is cassijoyb@gmail.com (do not use the studiotwentytwo.com address!)

Thank you!

A Message From Janet Trimble
A thousand pardons, Lady Niners, for not having signup sheets ready on the clipboard in the pro shop today. They are there now, so go ahead and sign up to play next Tuesday. Thanks, Jan

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