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Submit the following to the Co-Captain:

  • Application form
  • Latest handicap card
  • LOP Lady Niner dues
  • Women's Nine Hole Golf Association (WNHGA) dues
  • Golf Handicap Index (GHIN) fees (payable to LOP Lady Niners.)

A temporary index and a Niner sponsor will be assigned to join applicant for Tuesday play.

Golfers who have not established a 9-hole or 18-hole index should submit their application and LOP Lady Niners dues to the Co-Captain. A Niner sponsor will be assigned to join applicant for Tuesday play while establishing a handicap.

A 9-hole handicap is established by collecting 6 dated and attested scorecards from the LOP course within a 12 month period. Scorecards should indicate whether each round was played from the red or gold tees. These scorecards should list a second player's score and signature. The scores of prospective Niners will not be entered in the tournament of the day until the handicap is established.

Submit to the Handicapper the scorecards for the required 6 rounds with WNHGA dues and GHIN fees payable to LOP Lady Niners. The Handicapper will issue a temporary index.


The club includes regular and social members.

Members should be at least 18 years of age, associate members or residents of LOP in good standing with the Association, and non- LOP members may join up to a maximum of 25% of the total membership. Members are subject to all dues, may participate in all club events, may vote and hold office. Members are expected to actively support and participate in Club activities, fundraising, tournaments, committees and Chair positions. Individual members may belong to any organized 9 - 18 hole dues paying golf club or group, however any member(s) holding a dual membership must declare their home club.

Social members, all members 18 years of age or older who are members or residents of Lake of the Pines and wish to take part in social activities but do not wish to participate in any golfing activity or belong to any other golfing group. Social members may not hold office on Executive Board.

Download the New Member Application  (Application Forms are also available in the Pro Shop)

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