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09/20/22 Tee Assignments

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New in 2022...
 ·Maryrose Barnhurst
 ·Marianne Bennett
 ·Linda Blackmarr
 ·Janett Burruel
 ·Louise Chan
 ·Barbara Couture
 ·Claire Dwan
 ·Sandy Ertola
 ·Kim Fredrickson
 ·Mary Ann Gallina
 ·Diane Garliepp
 ·Karis Holman
 ·Lisa Lane
 ·Sherry Lawless
 ·Carol Marting
 ·Denise Mascari
 ·Gina Moll
 ·Nanette Olson
 ·Linda Taylor
 ·Deborah Tyler
 ·Jeannie Ward
 ·Lisa Wess
 ·Cathy Wright
 ·Mary Yslas


  • Checks should be made out to the Club sponsoring the event.
  • Lady Niners sign up on the bulletin board in Library.
  • Carpools are organized among participants.
Event Date Event Title location download flyer
Sep 15, 2020   TOC Championships Northridge Country Club, Carmichael Not Available
Jan 01, 2021   Blackhawk Invitational -Danville, CA Not Available
Jan 01, 2021   Pine Mountain Lake Invitational-Groveland, CA Not Available
Mar 23, 2021   WNHGA Rules/Marker Seminar El Macero CC (Davis, CA) Not Available
May 05, 2021   Team Play #1 Lincoln Hills Not Available
May 13, 2021   Valley Hi Invitational Elk Grove, CA Not Available
May 19, 2021   El Macero Open Day Davis, CA Not Available
May 20, 2021   Yolo Fliers Open Day Davis, CA Not Available
Jun 01, 2021   Northridge Invitational Fair Oaks, CA Not Available
Jun 09, 2021   Stonebrae Open Day-Hayward, CA Hayward, CA Not Available
Jun 10, 2021   Team Play #2 Cameron Park, CA Not Available
Jun 22, 2021   Alta Sierra Open Day Grass Valley, CA Not Available
Jun 24, 2021   Team Play #4 (Winner announced) Rancho Murieta, CA Not Available
Jul 26, 2021   Corena Green Junior Golf Event-Elk Grove, CA Valley Hi (Elk Grove, CA) Not Available
Jul 28, 2021   Team Play #4 Cold Springs G&CC Placerville Not Available
Aug 05, 2021   Pine Mountain Lake Open Day-Groveland, CA Groveland, CA (West of Yosemite)
Aug 24, 2021   Spring Creek Invitational-Ripon, CA Ripon, CA (Theme: Tequila Tuesday) Not Available
Aug 25, 2021   Team Play Championships-Sequoyah (Oakland, CA) Sequoyah CC (Oakland, CA) Not Available
Sep 02, 2021   Rancho Murieta Invitational
Sep 23, 2021   Del Rio Invitational-Modesto, CA Modesto, CA Not Available
Sep 28, 2021   WNHGA TOC Championships-San Mateo, CA Peninsula Golf & CC (San Mateo, CA) Not Available
Oct 19, 2021   Oakdale Invitational Oakdale, CA (East of Modesto, CA)
Oct 21, 2021   Cameron Park Invitational Cameron Park, CA
Mar 16, 2022   Spring Area Meeting Peninsula: San Jose CC Not Available
Mar 31, 2022   Woodbridge Open Day Not Available
Apr 21, 2022   Ranch Murieta Invitational Not Available
May 04, 2022   Team Play #1 Lincoln Hills Not Available
May 10, 2022   Lake Wildwood Open Day Penn Valley Not Available
May 12, 2022   Valley High Invitational Elk Grove Not Available
Jun 07, 2022   North Ridge Invitational Fair Oaks Not Available
Jun 21, 2022   Moraga Country Club Open Day Moraga Not Available
Jul 14, 2022   Stanford Univ. Golf Club Open Day Stanford University Not Available
Jul 26, 2022   Team Play #4 Cold Springs G&CC Placerville Not Available
Jul 28, 2022   Corina Green Jr. Golf Event Del Rio Country Club - Modesto Not Available
Aug 16, 2022   Contra Costa CC Open Day Pleasant Hill Not Available
Aug 23, 2022   Team Play Championships Cold Springs G&CC Placerville Not Available
Sep 07, 2022   Fall Calendar Meeting El Macero CC - Davis Not Available
Sep 29, 2022   Tournament of Champions Discovery Bay CC Not Available
Dec 02, 2022   WNHGA Annual Meeting Almaden CC, San Jose Not Available

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